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Bunny-Purple Egg
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Purple Egg - Olive-green Egg


Mariappan has a very good eye for precision and perfection. As part of INME craftsmanship, the projects executed by him show his professionalism and deep knowledge of design and aesthetics. I am extremely impressed by the thoughts he applies to the design, taking not only into consideration the strength and durability of the materials used to make the products but also the budget of his clients. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous in his work. I am very impressed by the services rendered by INME and highly recommend it.

Bikramjit Sarma

Natural authentic products sourced from sustainable sources.
Super price quality ratio.Highly recommended.
Products are very solid and seller gives expert advice on decor ideas.

Sandip Kanase

I was looking for non plastic durable natural cutlury for my kids meals. INME gave me perfect product for my needs, coconut shell bowl with spoon. Very happy with the product, consultation by them about the choice of product. They are very sensitive to your needs. Also, excellent service. Complete value for money.
I also loved the vine glasses.

Smita Garje

I recently bought a coconut shell ladle, a bowl with a spoon. Me and my family just loved it. We ordered it initially just to try them out, but now are thinking to buy more and even gift it to our friends. The quality is great and it can be even be washed in the dishwasher, super cool. Highly recommended!

Rohan Solanki

My purchase was really good. I’m impressed with the service. Icing on cake was the complimentary gift. I would recommend this place for some interesting sustainable goods?


Amazing bio gift articles. Products made of coconut shell and other bio products. Eco friendly gifts.

Kabilan Ganesan