Returns, Cancellations & Refund

Returns & Cancellations

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If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

What can and cannot be returned, return period and costs.

Return period

For articles that are sold, a legal right of withdrawal of 14 days applies. At we have extended this period (it starts on the day you receive the article):

    • 30 days after receipt
    • Order with multiple items in a single order? The return period starts only when all packages have been delivered.

What you can return

Within the return period you can reasonably try your ordered item to know whether it works properly and whether you are happy with it. You can also return the item free of charge. You may not use the item in full if you do not yet know whether you will keep it.

Is your item still within the return period?

Check from the date of items receipt (PostNL Tracking).

Pack your item securely

Preferably in the original box or similar box.

Report damaged delivery

Have you received a damaged or defective article?

Report your item back to via email  /Whats App with pictures, within the return period and notify us with the return reason.

Free return

In principle, returns are free of charge, with a few exceptions:

–  Using our return label (PostNL) is free.

    • Each order/package contains a label with the return address. 
    • Place the return label on the package (over the old label).
    • Drop off the package at a PostNL collection point.

If you use another shipping service, then you will be responsible for the shipping costs for returning the item. 

–  Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Refund after return

The final refund period differs per payment method, but you should have your money back within 10 working days after you have sent your return. We need 5 working days for your return shipment + a maximum of 5 working days for payment.

    • iDEAL / Direct transfer: 3-5 working days

Have you not yet received money from your return?

If you don’t have received money within 10 working days, it is best to contact us.

Can’t cancel anymore? Or did you receive a cancelled item after all?

Then you can always return within the return period. Depending on your payment method, you will receive your money asap, please refer Refund after return for more information.

Cancel order

As long as your item has not yet been shipped, you can still cancel. It is best to call 0645577393 us.

We will confirm if the cancellation has been successful.

Cancellation and Refund

If we have processed the cancellation, we will refund you immediately.

    • iDEAL / Direct transfer: 3-5 working days

Have you not got your money back yet?

If the cancellation has been processed, but you have not received your money back after 5 working days, it is best to contact us.